Every Bake Has A Story.

The Bakery Chef Café opened its doors in late 2013 as a cozy and quaint café

with wooden furniture and exposed brick walls and a great ambience.

The Café provides a variety of beautiful and delicious cakes, cupcakes,

macarons and waffles, accompanied by the rich aroma of gourmet coffee.

Our Fruit Cakes

At the Bakery Chef Café, we are proud of our beautifully decorated fruit

cakes with tempting mangoes, strawberries and wild berries resting on

frosted white cream tempting you to take a bite of our delicious fruit cakes. 

Our Story

The Café has continued to vow its customers, many of them regulars with its cakes and waffles.  In May 2016, Jacelyn in her blog said that upon cutting our signature thick toast, “you can observe the lava within ooze out immediately.”  Today, our signature toast and cakes continue to delight our customers. 


In July 2021, The Bakery Chef Café moved to Havelock 2 where Chef Khim continues to delight customers with our signature toast, cakes and waffles.  Regular customers continue to patronize our customized cakes as Chef Khim pays personal attention to every customer order.


Our Signature

Our Humble Reviews